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Our Pricing:

Our pricing is simple.  Most cookies are $3 each.  These shapes vary in size, but are on average 3x3.  We do have select shapes in smaller sizes that are priced less than 3.00.  These are most commonly added to a box or a platter. 

Our wedding collection cookies are a much larger cookie than our $3 size.  Wedding shapes are around 5x5 inches in size.    Monograming and packaging is included in the price of these cookies, and they are priced at 5.00 each. 

You can choose how you would like the cookies packaged.  Your options are: in a box, on a platter, or in cellophane bags tied with beautiful ribbon.  

Here are a few examples of our presentation:

 in a box

 on a platter to match a party plate

 in a cellophane bag

 in a bag then in a basket

 decorate your own cake









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