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Cookie Party favours

Need Party Favours??

Buy undecorated cookies, for a "Do it yourself" cookie.

These are great!

Each kit comes individually wrapped and packed to leave your party with a great activity for later. Each kit will include: a variety of UN-iced sugar cookies, one paint brush, cups of icing, and decorations (sprinkles).

Having your own cookie party??

Having a party or even a play date at your house, and need a fun activity?

These kits can be customized to accommodate a large group working together. These will not be individually wrapped, rather packed up in one box with enough

 of all items to share as a group.

Birthday CookiesCupcake Cookies

Musical Birthday Cookies 

 birthday Platter Cookies
Birthday crown CookiesLittle girl cookies





Goose Cookies 

Pig Cookies 

Goat cookies 

Horse Cookies

Cake shaped Cookies 

Frog Cookies

 Cow Cookies


Ginger Bread House to decorate
















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